We’re pet people.

GoFetch is a team of vets, pets, and pet parents making modern pet care affordable and accessible.

Mike Sherman, CEO

Mike’s mission is to make modern pet care accessible to everyone.

An investor and leader in new technology for almost 20 years, Mike’s had cats and dogs as family his entire life. Happy pets are one of his greatest sources of joy. But when they get sick, stress and high costs always follow.

Mike loves his vet. But when he needed pet care outside of office hours, he was frustrated by how hard it was to get help.

That’s why Mike co-founded GoFetch. Now anyone can access pet care, whenever and wherever they need it.

Dr. Adam Little, CMO

Adam's mission is to improve the lives of vets and the pets they care for.

An expert in emerging technology and veterinary medicine, Adam uses tech to improve the lives of veterinarians and the animals they care for.

While working with pet professionals across North America, a problem became increasingly apparent: most tech solutions to vet problems just make more work for the vet.

That’s why Adam co-founded GoFetch. Now vets can offer modern pet care services without any extra work or costs. 

We help pets and vets.

All pets deserve modern pet care, and all vets should be empowered to provide it.

Your pet deserves better care:


Less than 1 in 50 pets have pet insurance


Pets get 1/5th of their recommended lifetime care


Pet parents mistakenly seek emergency care 80% of the time

Your vet deserves better care:


Less than 10% of vets offer pet parents most requested services


Most vet “solutions” create additional burdens and costs for vets 


Vets have one of North America’s highest burnout and suicide rates

GoFetch helps pets

For a few dollars a month, GoFetch members can enjoy the peace of mind of modern pet care from anytime, anywhere.

Access modern care

GoFetch helps vets

With no setup fee, GoFetch partners can automate their marketing, management, and billing while offering a membership program.

Provide better care

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