Save your clients money and save your staff time

GoFetch automatically finds savings on veterinary products. These $$ are spent back at your practice or can be donated to your clinic to help more pets. It's free & you can get started in less than 5 minutes.

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Your practice has $5000+ in hidden savings

Here’s how GoFetch helps find them:

Paper-Free & Integrated Rebates

We automatically find qualifying rebates, and instantly add them for clients. Practices can even create custom promotions.

Instant Rewards Towards Care

Turn unclaimed rebates into better care and build loyalty. Clients earn real $$$ rewards that have to be spent back at your practice.

Help Support Pets in Need

Your clients can donate their rewards to help pets in need at your clinic. You decide how to use unclaimed rebates and clinic rewards to do good.

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Join the growing network of practices

Help pets in need supported by donations

GoFetch creates an Angel Fund for clinics. Your clients can securely and easily donate earned rewards to your practice to help cover the costs of care for pets in need.

  • Your clients can chose to donate any rewards amount

  • Donated rewards are pooled and can be used by clinic partners to subsidize care to those pets in need

  • Your practice helps more pets access essential and life-saving care

The GoFetch difference

Practices who securely integrate with GoFetch eliminate work and put money back into your practice faster.

  1. 1

    We don't charge you anything. There are no setup, monthly, or user fees.

  2. 2

    You keep your existing workflow and systems. We integrate with the practice management systems you already use.

  3. 3

    We handle everything. From new signups and marketing support to program management.

Learn How GoFetch Can Help

Enable 24/7 support without you being on-call

GoFetch provides unlimited, 24/7 live chat and phone access to qualified veterinarians and keeps you in the loop with integrated transcripts.

  • Augment your team, over 100K+ interactions with trained North American-based veterinarians & technicians

  • Limited to teletriage & general advice focused on augmenting not replacing in-clinic care

  • No cost to your practice, your clients upgrade their memberships for $5/month

Mission control at your fingertips

Your GoFetch dashboard gives you powerful program insights, analytics, and program transparency.

  • See your potential $$ savings in rebates and redemptions

  • Track enrollment and improvements to compliance

  • View, search and copy any vet support interaction

  • Collect donations and view Angel Funds

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Your clients are already using GoFetch, but our integrated practices provide a better client experience and added benefits for your clinic. We do the heavy lifting, your info is always safe and secure. Join over 100 other practices, you'll get:

Integrated Practices
Any Clinic

Automated & integrated tracking to eliminate manual upload of invoices.

Angel fund to provide financial relief to pets in need.

Create your own promotions and grow compliance.

Analytics dashboard to track program performance.

Augment your team with unlimited 24/7 vet support.

Access to veterinary support transcripts to ensure continuity  of care.

We handle everything from launching the program to ongoing support needs, we cover it all.

Get started, for free, today

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    GoFetch automatically links with your clinic to find savings.

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    We securely integrate with your practice in less than 15 minutes.

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    We activate your virtual rewards cards and create your dashboard.

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    We provide staff training, resources and marketing materials to help launch your new program.