Provide modern pet care without any extra work.

GoFetch is a membership program that helps practices save time and money while providing better care.

Provide 24/7 vet support to clients, build loyalty, and drive compliance without paying for software.

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Does this sound like your practice?

Your animal hospital or vet clinic can offer a membership program by partnering with GoFetch Health. There are no administrative, monthly, or user fees to join.

Less Time, More Work

Staff time is increasingly spent on administration and managing tech instead of doing what you love.

Tools Create Stress

You're using software or processes from the 1990s to solve modern pet care problems.

Higher Costs, Less Results

You’re spending money on apps, tech and discounts programs that don't work for your practice or clients.

Learn how GoFetch can help

We help pets and vets.

All pets deserve modern pet care, and all vets should be empowered to provide it.

What clients want


Savings for being loyal clients


Instant access to vets for help or concerns


Online options for accessing pet food and medicine


Flexible and affordable payment options

What GoFetch does


Rewards that drive compliance


Unlimited, 24/7 access to vets that augment your team


Virtual concierge handles client requests to free up your team’s time


Subscription care options tailored to your practice

Why you should partner with GoFetch

By becoming a GoFetch partner, you can help more pets while doing less.

GoFetch Partners

Other Clinics

Practice management integration saves your team’s time

Clinic analytics accessible via a dedicated dashboard

Custom promotions grow compliance.

Telemedicine monetizes your time with virtual consults

Custom promotions and plans to drive revenue

Retain clients by locking in reward spending

Attract new clients with marketing support

After-hours support for clients via 24/7 vet support service

There is no hidden cost when you partner with GoFetch. The only commitment is offering a 5% reward for GoFetch members to spend at your clinic.

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"Our clients, even our less tech savvy ones, love the service. What we really like it helps modernize and future proof our practice"

Dr. Saye Clement, Owner/Veterinarian, Carling Animal Hospital

"Our clients LOVE being Go Fetch members! Earning and spending rewards is super easy and having the 24/7 support line offers peace of mind for times they can't speak directly with us. The tech support team with Go Fetch is always friendly and helpful whenever there's a question needing to be answered."

Tammy Timperley, Office Manager, Westview Veterinary Services & Aldergrove Animal Hospital

"Our clients love the fact that they can earn rewards on all their purchases with us and also love the fact that they have access to a vet 24 hours a day. Adam and team have also been fantastic to work with :)"

Amanda Latanville, Office Manager, Aldergrove Animal Clinic

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