Wellness membership to keep your pet healthy

GoFetch+ is a subscription to help your pet live longer, happier and healthier lives. In partnership with your vet, we make care easy, affordable, and transparent.

  • Peace of mind with unlimited vet visits & exams, bundled care and unlimited 24/7 vet support
  • Safety net interest free payment plans for big bills or the unexpected
  • 10% cash back rewards & exclusive member benefits
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The average member saves $300 and earns $100 in rewards per year.

Peace of mind for your pet starts here

Unlimited vet visits & bundled care
24/7 access to vets on the GoFetch app
Safety net payment plans and rewards

The best membership plan to keep your pet healthy

GoFetch+ is not insurance. It’s an affordable, fully-covered routine care package that your pet needs to stay healthy every single year.

All plans include:

Unlimited Office
Visits and Exams

Make it a habit to go to the vet and with regular check ups your pet stays healthy and detects potential problems early to prevent illnesses

Vaccines to
Prevent Ilnesses

Get all the key vaccines your pet needs and recommended by your vet each year to protect your pet against getting dangerous illnesses

Tests to Detect
Problems Early

Early detection is important to make sure your pet's essential organs are healthy and functioning properly to keep them happy and healthy

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Stay on track of your pet’s health

Track wellness care usage over the year and get your pet’s medical records on the app so you’re always up-to-date

Don't reach for your wallet get access to cashless checkout, rewards and interest-free payment plans from the app

Get unlimited 24/7 phone or chat vet support, no problem is too big or small and transcripts are shared with your vet


Save money on autopilot

Earn 10% cash back on all out-of plan purchases

Get instant manufacturing rebates directly added to your GoFetch account

Get promotions that earn you rewards to spend at your primary clinic


Perks that you get for being a member

All plans include exclusive access to GoFetch+ membership benefits that you can access straight from the app. That way, we can help you take care of your pet.

24/7 Vet Support

Access unlimited, 24/7 live chat and phone support with North American vets for any questions.

10% Cash Back On Purchases

Get 10% on all out-of-plan purchases. Redeem rewards on anything from your clinic.

Safety Net Payment Plans

Members can break any vet bill into interest-free 3 or 6 month payment plans for big bills, the unexpected or for what insurance doesn't cover.


Members can donate earned rewards to their clinic's GoFetch Angel Fund which helps provide care to more pets in need.

Instant Rebates

We find hidden savings. All purchases will be automatically rebated when promotions are available.

Seamless Experience

All GoFetch+ membership benefits such as cashless check out, 24/7 vet support, and rewards can be accessed with the app.

Already have insurance? GoFetch works well whether you have insurance or not. Learn more

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Take care of your pet. And your community.

Want your rewards to further? Members can donate any earned rewards back to their local clinic's GoFetch Angel Fund which helps provide care to more pets in need.


Members can chose to donate any rewards amount

Donated rewards are pooled and can be used by clinic partners to subsidize care to pets in need

Help more pets access life saving care

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