Pet care at your fingertips

It takes seconds to get started with GoFetch and you can start earning rewards within minutes of signing up. It’s always free to join.

No Paperwork, Automatic Savings

No need to submit invoices, fill out forms or mail receipts. GoFetch automatically credits you with rebates on your eligible purchases.

Real $$$ Towards Any Vet Expense

No stamps or stars. Real cash rewards that you can spend at your local vet clinic on any service or product. Or donate rewards to pets in need.

Unlimited 24/7
Vet Support

Upgrade your membership to get the most comprehensive and convenient care for your pet with 24/7 access to vets on the GoFetch app.

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GoFetch makes getting rebates quick and simple

  1. 1

    Visit Your Veterinarian

    GoFetch automatically links with your clinic to find savings.

  2. 2

    Earn Rewards Automatically

    Instantly earn rewards on qualifying purchases and view $$$ in your GoFetch wallet.

  3. 3

    Redeem Rewards or Donate Them

    Redeem your rewards using our in-app virtual rewards card or donate your rewards to support pets in need in your local community.

Unlimited 24/7 Vet Support

When your pet has a problem, it always feels like an emergency. But 80% of the time, the emergency room is the wrong place to take them. GoFetch members can connect to a vet in seconds.

  • Unlimited 24/7 live chat and phone access for all your pets—no problem is too big or small

  • A summary of your conversation can be shared with your primary veterinarian

  • Save time, money, and stress with GoFetch

Get 24/7 Vet Support for $5/month

Take care of your pet and your community

Want your rewards to go further? Members can donate earned rewards back to their local clinic's GoFetch Angel Fund which helps provide care to more pets in need.

  • You can choose to donate any rewards amount

  • Donated rewards are pooled and can be used by clinic partners to subsidize care to those pets in need

  • Local vets provide access to essential and life saving care

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If you visit the vet once this year, you’re guaranteed to earn at least the cost of an annual membership  (or we’ll pay the difference)!

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24/7 Vet Support (Chat & Phone)

Industry Rebates & Savings

Clinic Promotions & Special Incentives


Pet Reminders

Request Medication & Food Refills

Mobile App Access

Perks you get with GoFetch

Instant Rebates

All purchases will be automatically rebated when promotions are available.

Seamless Experience

All GoFetch membership benefits can be accessed through the app.

24/7 Vet Support

Access unlimited, 24/7 live chat and phone access to North American vets for any questions.

Pet Profiles

Each of your pets has a unique profile so you can manage their individual needs.


Give back to help pets in need in your local community.


Stay on top of important actions with integrated and customizable reminders.

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