Frequently asked questions

Who is GoFetch?

GoFetch is a team of vets, pets, and pet parents, making modern pet care affordable and accessible. Our mission is to improve the lives of vets and the people who care for them. We partner with veterinarian practices to offer technology and products to pet parents so pets stay happy and healthy.

What's a GoFetch+ membership and why it is good for my pet?

Pets at their different life stages need different levels of care and treatment, and most pets don't get the recommended care they need.

GoFetch+ is designed to help manage preventative and routine care costs to help find and treat issues before they become serious and harder to address. And helps make vet care more affordable.
GoFetch+ offers two types of memberships based on what your vet decides to make available at their clinic.
Some clinics will choose to bundle additional services in the monthly subscription. But every GoFetch+ has access to rewards, payment plans, vet support and more!

How is GoFetch+ different from Pet Insurance?

GoFetch+ and pet insurance policies both offer valuable benefits, but they are different. The types of veterinary care covered by pet insurance and our membership will vary. GoFetch+ is designed to help manage preventative care costs, while Pet Insurance is designed to cover emergencies, accidents, or specific illnesses.

Our memberships help budget for expected expenses that will keep your pet healthy and happy, including unlimited vet visits and exams, essential vaccines, diagnostics, and more.  

GoFetch+ is a membership-based subscription plan. What does that mean?

We believe a membership-based approach allows for more comprehensive, stress-free and affordable care.

Members enjoy plans designed to provide their pets with the best preventative care solutions, unlimited office visits and exams, 24/7 access to virtual care, 10% cash back on all purchases, interest-free payment plans with a seamless app experience and more.

Memberships with GoFetch+ can be paid annually or monthly.

Are unlimited office visits and exams really unlimited?

Yes, it's true. Your membership includes unlimited vet visits and exams. You can bring your pet to the clinic as often as needed for them to stay healthy.

You won't be charged for the visit or exam, but there will be charges for services not covered by your plan, such as food, or medication.

However, members are still subject to the availability and capacity of their veterinary clinic when booking their appointments.

Note: Certain unique, specific visit types (eg. speciality visits, after-hours emergency care, etc.) may be subject to additional fees at the discretion of the clinic.

How does the unlimited 24/7 vet support work?

Members have have access to unlimited 24/7 chat and phone support with North American vet professionals for any questions.

You can access live chat directly in the app or can click to call the hotline directly. The transcripts of the phone call or chat will be shared with your vet.

Pro-Tip: You can use 24/7 vet support for any pet in your household when you sign up for GoFetch+!

What can I spend the cash back and rewards on?

For any purchase or spending you'll earn 10% cash back. You can use your cash back rewards to spend on any service, product or medication at the clinic. The clinic will sometimes also offer additional promotions.

You can apply your rewards at the time of checkout or save them until you're ready to use them. You can even donate your rewards to help pets in need.

Please note, if you choose to convert your bill into a payment plan, you will only be eligible for 5% rewards on that purchase.

How does the cashless check out work? Can I really just walk out of the vet clinic after my appointment?

Yes! This is one of our favourite features because it really changes and simplifies the experience. When you've completed your vet visit you'll get a notification on your mobile device thanking you for your visit. You'll only be billed for services not included in your plan.

If you have any additional charges during the visit, they will be displayed on the checkout screen. You can choose to apply your rewards, convert your bill into a payment plan, or simply click done. Any payment will be billed to the credit card on file.

What is a GoFetch+ Payment Plan and how does it work?

Your pet's care shouldn't have to wait. We wanted to provide all GoFetch+ members with a simple, flexible and affordable option to take the worry out of larger bills or the unexpected.

Any clinic bill can be converted into 3- or 6-month interest-free installments using the GoFetch Pay option in the app.

Your first payment is due at the time of purchase and your next payments are due monthly. Only one payment plan can be active at a time, but once it's paid off, you can use our payment plans again.

What purchases are eligible for a GoFetch+ Payment Plan and will I still earn my rewards?

Use a GoFetch+ Payment Plan for any clinic spending, this includes additional services, treatments, procedures, medication, food and more.

You'll even 5% cash back rewards, if you choose to convert your vet bill into an interest-free payment plan (instead of the usual 10% reward).

Do I need a smartphone to sign up for GoFetch+?

The GoFetch app is made for use on smartphones. You'll need the latest version of the app to be able to to redeem rewards or to start a payment plan. Please note you will have 24 hours to take action in-app before being charged in full to the billing method on file.

How can I donate my rewards to help other pets?

After you earn rewards from your vet visits you have the option to donate your rewards or any portion of them to your clinic's Angel Fund.

Donations are pooled from all members and are available instantly. Your clinic's staff decide how to use the funds. 100% of all donated rewards go towards supporting pets in need.