Frequently asked questions

What is GoFetch?

GoFetch is a team of vets, RVTs, pets and pet parents, making modern pet care affordable and accessible. Our mission is to power the next generation of the pet care experience, to improve the lives of vets and drive better pet care.

How long does it take for rewards to appear in my account?

If your clinic is in-network, you will see your rewards appear in your account 24-48hrs after your veterinary visit.

What happens if I don't see a reward that I am expecting or a visit is missing?

If you are missing a reward or one of your visits is not showing and it has been longer than 48hrs, please reach out to our support team and we can investigate it further.

Can I spend my rewards at other clinics?

Unfortunately, members can only earn and spend their rewards at their primary clinic. This is because our clinic partners are honouring the rewards themselves which we pass through to you as savings.

Do I earn on every visit? Are there any restrictions on what services or products qualify for the 5%?

Yes, you earn on every visit, for all your pets, and there are no product or service restrictions.

Do my rewards expire?

No, as long as you remain a member, your rewards will not expire. In fact, most members chose to hold onto their rewards and build them up to spend on a larger bill or unexpected procedure.

What happens to my rewards if I cancel?

If you cancel your membership, you will lose any rewards that have not been redeemed.

What happens if the virtual card doesn't work?

Most often the issue is manual entry error and the number hasn't been put incorrectly. We would first recommend trying the same card number again.Also, make sure you have the last version of our app (Apple / Android).

Can I use this in combination with pet insurance?

Yes, you can use this program with any other pet insurance plans you are on.

How does the rewards guarantee work?

Our entire membership program is focused on helping save you money on veterinary care. If you do not earn at least $50 in rewards in your first 12 months of membership, we will make up the difference as a one-time reward on your account.

Can I change my primary vet clinic?

If you wish to change your primary clinic, you can do so but you will loose all the rewards earned from your previous clinic. Please contact support if you have any additional question.

What happens if my pet passes away while on the membership plan?

Our goal is to make this process as simple, easy, and respectful for you and your family as possible. If you have multiple pets, you can continue your membership and we are happy to either keep or remove your deceased pet's profile depending on your preference.If you have a single pet, we will proactively stop billing your account (no more charges moving forward) and will place any earned rewards "on hold". If sometime in the next 2 years, you welcome a new pet into your family, you can start off with those previous rewards in place and re-activate your account at any time.