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Jadziaʼs services

from $25 / night
Your dog stays the night at Jadziaʼs home
3 exercise walk(s) per day
Potty breaks every 4-6 hours
2 dogs
Will bathe your dogs
You bring food
Weekly discount: 10%
Check-in 7 AM to 11 PM • Check-out 7 AM to 11 PM
Extra dog price:  $15
Available Extras
Flexible check-in/out
House Sitting
from $40 / night
Jadzia stays the night at your home to watch your dog
Dogs may be left unattended up to 4 hours
Is willing to travel up to 12kms
Cares for resident cats
Waters plants and yard
$10/ one-way ride
Jadzia Is willing to travel up to 10kms
about Jadzia

Hi there, my name is Jadzia and I love all animals! My husband and I live in a relatively central location in Ottawa in an older style bungalow. We have a large fenced in deck for lounging in the summer and take all dogs on regular walks (long/short depending on season/weather). We offer occasional visits to off leash dog parks if pet owner permit it. I am an active volunteer with the Ottawa Humane Society. I am a Level 2 Canine Enrichment volunteer, which basically means I walk and train the more difficult dogs that are not yet ready for adoption. Currently our home is without a resident dog. :( Our beautiful Maggie, (a large, older, extremely calm and friendly lab/hound mix) has passed away. She had an amazing power to calm other dogs down, we just loved her so much, that even though she was older with rapidly declining mobility it hadn't stopped us. We purchased a special dog stroller and after her short walks she would excitedly get into her stroller. Yes, we were those "crazy" people with a big dog in a stroller. Ms. Maggie even went to 3 days of La Machine!! We still have the stroller, and if your dog is older, they would most definitely have the opportunity to try it out. There are two resident cats, Elvis & Basia who are mostly indifferent to visitors in our home. If they don't like what's going on, they know where to go to quietly nap. They are mostly indoor with some outdoor privileges during the day in the summer months. Like all cats, if chased or corned, they will defend, but only if they must. They are pretty good with inexperienced dogs and will hold their ground to teach them whose boss. A cat is always the boss. My husband and I are both working professionals, with no human children, only furry babies as we call them. We are in and out of the house and very active. If your pet were to stay with us, they would be taken on several walks and snuggled with as if they were at home. Also, as if they were at home they would be left unsupervised at times while we are at work. We have a big window where all our animals like to sit and watch the outside as they await our return. We are not a daycare that can offer around the clock care, instead, we are a responsible, friendly alternative to a boring caged kennel. We offer a true home away from home experience. Large breeds welcome! In our home, your pup is allowed everywhere you say is okay. We allow pups on furniture if that is the norm in your home, if not, we will enforce your house rules for consistency. Dog Parks we visit are: (1) Jack Purcell Park – small, fully fenced & double gated - for those pups with limited recall (2) Bruce Pit – large, 99% fenced - for those pups that can be trusted with average recall (3) Conroy Pit – large, limited fences – on leash walks only, but great for socializing (4) Stanley Park – medium, no fence – on leash walks for all, and only pups with impeccable recall would ever be allowed off leash here. Pick-up & Drop-off Hours: We are quite flexible and allow for pickup/drop-off between 7am – 11pm, 7 days week, however our availability does vary (especially during the standard work week hours when we might have a commitment and might not be available for a drop-off or pick-up at certain times) * Summer: In the summer we travel to a family cottage on some weekends. If your pup were to stay with us on one of those weekends, your pup would get to travel with us to the cottage too. The cottage community is about 3 hours away, lots of fresh air and has its own (fully fenced) dog park as well. Pickup limitations with these weekends apply. We arrive back late Sunday night so no pickups before 10:30pm, we are willing to drop off your pup free of charge on our way back if within the Ottawa area. * Winter: In the winter we try to maximize your pups exercise time outdoors when Ottawa winter weather is in full force. With weather of -20 or colder pups are not walked longer then 10-20 minutes at a time, but are taken to dog parks for 30-50 minutes to run and play. Running creates way more heat than walking does, plus dog parks are just so much fun! If you have winter jackets or booties, please bring them, we will use them when necessary. * Holiday Season: If your pup is going to be staying with us over the holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter, Thanksgiving or any of the summer stat holidays) there is a chance they will be travelling with us to see family. Our family loves dogs and always welcome new guests. Pickup limitations during the holidays will apply.

Certifications & Training

Will bathe dogs
Will administer medicine


Will provide treats

Dog Guest Requirements


1-20 lbs


20-40 lbs


40-80 lbs


80+ lbs

Only vaccinated dogs
Only spayed/neutered dogs
Will Care For Puppies
Will Care For Seniors
about Jadziaʼhome

Bungalow Large fenced in deck Many parks in walking distance

Fenced yard
A/C in the home
Dogs can roam entire home
Elevated beds available
Smoke-free environment
Dogs allowed on furniture
Dogs allowed on bed
Resident Pets







23 lbs and not willing to lose weight any more! He loves his mama and has no problem standing up for himself (if needed), but mostly prefers to be a big scaredy-cat and just chill off to the side when guests are in the house.







Our little baby girl who has grown into quite the hunter! When she's not outside hunting for a living, she's inside napping or snuggling. Will hide up on a perch when guests arrive, very friendly, just prefers not to socialize with new guests right away.

3 reviews


Boarding - September 2017


13 y/o - mixed

Medium 20-40 lbs Female

7 y/o - mixed

Medium 20-40 lbs Female


Boarding - November 2017

Jadzia is amazing, she takes such good care of my dog Charlie. She makes the extra effort to ensure that hes comfortable and happy. She also sends picture updates of what he's doing which is nice to see while I'm away.

10 y/o - American Cocker Spaniel

Medium 20-40 lbs Male


Boarding - December 2017

Jadzia is a lovely host and very experienced dog person. Puppy had a good experience !

4 y/o - Labradorish mutt

Large 40-80 lbs Female