Introducing Rebates for GoFetch!

Introducing Rebates for GoFetch!

Introducing Rebates for GoFetch!

A new way for pet owners to find great savings.

At GoFetch, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for pet parents to manage their pet’s veterinary care and save money. Ever since the internet came along, finding savings on everyday purchases and active deals has been easier than ever. Everybody loves paying less!

Pet owners don't realize that many everyday veterinary purchases offer mail-in rebates. Products like your pet's parasite prevention, food, or even medications may have savings you’re missing. According to recent research, between 40% and 60% of rebates go unclaimed. These "hidden" rebates are often difficult to find, confusing to claim, and require paperwork and online forms to submit. Plus, it can take weeks to receive a cheque in the mail. No one likes that. With our latest solution, we can maximize these hidden savings and take them to the next level.

Now GoFetch automatically identifies what pet products have rebates associated with them, finds your savings, and allows you to instantly earn rewards without having to submit any information or paperwork. Soon, you'll even be able to donate these rewards so that other pets in need can get help too.

Products like your pet's parasite prevention, food, or even medications may have savings you’re missing!

GoFetch makes getting rebates quick, easy and simple.

We eliminate the work and the waste. Our model is better for everybody involved, the pet, the pet owner, the vet clinic and the manufacturer. For vet clinics, this means that they can spend more time on your pet's care.

1. Sign up for your free GoFetch account. We're automatically linked to your veterinary activity and can determine if you've made a purchase that qualifies for one of the rebates we support.

2. Rebate $$ are automatically and instantly added to your GoFetch Wallet

3. You can redeem those earned rewards alongside any other earned rewards at your local veterinary practice.


Turning unclaimed coupons into care.

Pets are family members; they make our lives and communities better. We believe in building a business with a purpose and commitment to social impact. Everyone deserves a little help when life is tough. This is why we've made it easy to support disadvantaged pets in our local communities.

With GoFetch you can donate all or a portion of the earned rewards you collect to help pay for critical treatments for pets that would otherwise not be able to afford their care. 100% of donations are added to a GoFetch Angel Fund account managed by your local vet clinic.  Veterinary partners have autonomy to chose when these funds can be used for their greatest impact. Together, we can literally turn unclaimed coupons (you likely didn't even know you're eligible for) into longer happier lives for pets in need.

We hope you join us in changing how pet owners view veterinary care forever. It's time for happy tails all around!

Download the GoFetch app and start saving. It's free to sign up.

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