Turing Rebates and Rewards Into Longer and Happier Lives for Pets

GoFetch members can donate their rewards to their clinic and help support pets in need.

Turing Rebates and Rewards Into Longer and Happier Lives for Pets

GoFetch members can donate their rewards to their clinic and help support pets in need.

Turing Rebates and Rewards Into Longer and Happier Lives for Pets

Pets are our family members, and these days it feels like a house isn't home without whiskers. Of course, we give our fur babies the best of everything, but often the costs of care get overlooked, or unforeseen circumstances put pet parents in really tough positions. On average, pets get 1/5 of the recommended veterinary care over their lifetime. Unfortunately, this means that many pets go without necessary diagnostics, preventative medicine or other treatments that could prolong their lifespans. The cost of caring for pets is also nuanced and can often become complicated quite quickly, depending on the situation.

At GoFetch, our mission is to build a business that gives back and helps all pets live longer, healthier lives. Starting today, you can donate your rewards to your clinic to help other pets get the essential care they need. So many people are facing challenges now, and we want to do our part to support pets and families who need it most. And, GoFetch will match donated rewards (up to the first $500) for each of our clinic partners until July 30, 2021.

Turning Rebates and Rewards into Doing Good

To help more pet parents afford care, we've seen our veterinary practices develop creative ways to help—from monthly campaigns to volunteering at shelters or even applying for industry and association funds. Often veterinarians will go above and beyond to work within the financial resources available to pet parents; however, it can be devastating for everyone when there are options that could help, but costs are too high for them to pursue treatments. At GoFetch, we believe it's essential to build simple products to use, provide benefits for pet parents and veterinary practices, and help solve some of the more significant challenges in the industry. So when we began working on finding more savings and automating industry rebates through our platform, we realized that we could do more with these rewards to help pets at local vet practices.

To date, we've saved our members over $500K on veterinary care, and members have put their rewards towards all sorts of products and services. Some will redeem small amounts toward frequent purchases like food and medication, while others will save up for a big-ticket item such as dental cleaning. A surprising and heartwarming piece of feedback from our members had to do with finding ways to help their local practices—there was a desire to give their rewards back to their clinic to help pets and their families who couldn't afford care. So many people face challenges at this time, and many of us want to work together to help find ways to support each other.

Here's How GoFetch Donations and Angel Funds Work

With a few simple taps, GoFetch members can donate their earned rewards to help cover the costs of essential care for other pets, and each GoFetch clinic partner has its own Angel Fund to collect the donations. Donations are pooled from members into the Angel Fund, and every clinic partner decides how to use the funds to help pets who need a little extra financial support. Any donation made is available instantly, and 100% of all donated rewards go towards supporting care.

Together, we can turn purchases and unclaimed coupons (many pet owners didn't even know they were eligible for) into longer, happier lives for pets in need.

GoFetch Donations Help Provide Care to Other Pets at Your Local Vet Clinic

1. Visit your veterinarian and earn rewards

2. When you're ready, tap Donations on the home screen

3. Choose to donate all of your rewards or a percentage—donations are pooled to your clinic's GoFetch Angel Fund

4. Your vet clinic manages its Angel Fund and chooses how to deliver the most significant impact when needed

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