How Aldergrove Animal Clinic Used GoFetch Donations to Help Pet Owners Remember Their Pets

How Aldergrove Animal Clinic Used GoFetch Donations to Help Pet Owners Remember Their Pets

How Aldergrove Animal Clinic Used GoFetch Donations to Help Pet Owners Remember Their Pets

Aldergrove Animal Clinic is a medium-sized veterinary practice with approximately 25 staff, open 7-days a week and is located in Barrie, Ontario. Since 1973, they've served the community with a mission dedicated to fostering long relationships with pets and pet parents through education, preventative medicine, and examinations. Like most practices, they have an amazing and hard-working team dedicated to the wellbeing of their patients.

Collecting donations to help pets in need at the clinic wasn't a new concept to the Aldergrove team. Their clients would make a donation and the clinic staff would just add it to their Aldergrove account to use as needed. When GoFetch introduced the Donations and the clinic Angel Fund feature to the platform, according to Amanda, Aldergrove's practice manager, "We thought this was a brilliant idea. This just made it easier for clients to donate through having that option on GoFetch."

"Our team knows that the pandemic has had a huge impact on our community," said Amanda. "We seem to have more people requesting payment plans these days than ever before." The practice experienced situations where clients had the difficult task of saying goodbye to their beloved pet, but couldn't afford anything to remember them by.

So the team came up with an idea to use some of the donations from the Angel Fund made during this time period towards purchasing paw prints for these pet owners. According to Amanda, "It made us feel great to be able to provide a paw print to a client that didn't have the finances to purchase a paw print of their own for their beloved pet. The client was very appreciative and that warmed our hearts! These days we need all the good feelings we can get."

Aldergrove Animal Clinic continues to actively collect donations for their clinic account and fundraises for Farley. The Angel Fund hasn't replaced those two things but is now another tool they have to help pets in need. Amanda said, "Being a new and rapidly growing business, we thought it would be beneficial to our clients for us to offer the option of donating through GoFetch. This way our donors can feel great about supporting not only Aldergrove Animal Clinic but also a community of Veterinary Clinics across Canada!"

At GoFetch, this story also warmed our hearts. Most of the time, Angel Fund donations will go towards medical care or emergencies, but it's one creative example of how one practice was able to make a positive impact through the generosity of the clinic's client community. We look forward to sharing more of these stories and finding new ways to help pets and pet parents.

"GoFetch always has the furry family members in mind and we love it! We are so happy to be able to help our loyal clients and ensure that every pet gets the best care possible. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Go Fetch+. The human-pet bond is important to both GoFetch and us and we look forward to the future."

Amanda. Office Manager, Aldergrove Animal Clinic. Barrie, ON.

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